Frozen River- The Chadar Trek

24,500 22,500

  • Region: Ladakh
  • Duration: 8 Nights and 9 Days
  • Highest Altitude: 11400 Feet
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult


  • Our Experienced and Qualified Team Leaders and supporting staff ensure your safety and the best experience.
  • We are one of a few operators who use Aluminium Pole High-Quality Tents. Most operators use cheap Quechua / similar tents which are not suitable for such weather.
  • We are the only operator who carry sleeping bags with lab testing certification to be comfortable in -15 degrees and thus can withstand extremes of -20 degrees or lower with ease. Additionally we provide fleece liners individually to maintain hygiene.
  • We encourage our trekkers to be a RESPONSIBLE TREKKER by giving a GREEN TREKKER CERTIFICATE along-with a CASH REWARD upto Rs. 2000/-   for bringing back NON-BIODEGRADABLE WASTE FROM THE TRAIL. For every 100gm. of waste, we payback Rs. 100.
12th JAN to 20th JAN AVAILABLE (15 / 15)
21st JAN to 29th JANAVAILABLE (15 / 15)
26th JAN to 03rd FEBAVAILABLE (15 / 15)
27th JAN to 04th FEBAVAILABLE (08 / 15)
28th JAN to 05th FEBAVAILABLE (15 / 15)
01st FEB to 09th FEBAVAILABLE (15 / 15)
02nd FEB to 10th FEBAVAILABLE (15 / 15)
03rd FEB to 11th FEBAVAILABLE (15 / 15)
04th FEB to 12th FEBAVAILABLE (11 / 15)